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For every victory that a team accomplished, lies an awesome bike mechanic that have taken care of your bike. He makes sure the bike is race ready n well tuned for the big day. Thank you @mr_jibby from @cyclelogy for being part of the victory. 😍😍😍

- Wardi

Jibby is a very professional bike mechanic. He was very patient in explaining to me the workings of the bike, the parts which needed to be replaced and why. After that, he did a very thorough full servicing job on my 10 year old road bike. Jibby stripped the entire bike, cleaned it and applied grease to the moving parts such as the ball bearings. He was careful to mark my original bike fit to ensure that my set up would remain the same after the bike has been re-assembled. After the servicing, my bike felt like and entirely new one. Everything was smooth - the drive chain, shifting, pedal stroke etc. Would definitely come back again. Highly recommended!

- Joseph

Yes I know i'm not wearing my sexy lycra - but picked up my Trek from at CycleLogy yesterday and I swear I made it home in half the time it took to get there! Perfectly quiet when cranking and shifting I could almost hear my heart and lungs collapsing as I rode hehe. Like a new bike! If you have a bike in Singapore i strongly urge you to take it for a service there. 😊

- Gavin