Welcome to the future of a better cycling experience.

Before we talk about that "future", let's talk about the problems you may have today as a road cyclist:

  • You are constantly thinking about keeping your bike duly checked and well-lubed, but has little time to maintain it every week. You have more worthy things to do at work and with family.
  • You have no go-to mechanic or persons with a wealth of real-world experience that you can ask all the newbies questions you want; you always get a tinge of disbelief from your peers when you ask those during group rides.
  • You have little space in your living premises to store the bike. Your better half may have better plans for the remaining storage space for the family.
  • Priorities in life may change in the future, so you can't tell for sure if you would still be actively involved in the sport many months down the road.
  • You do not even want to own a bike anymore. It is going to be a hassle to sell the bike some day down the road considering the many low-ballers on Carousell. You end up keeping the bike and not selling it, resulting in an opportunity lost for more cash flow.

As a consortium of bike shops in Singapore, we are now launching the Cycling-as-a-Service program to get rid of all headaches: just get up from the sofa and start riding, but stop worrying about owning a bike.

For as low as $200-$300 per month, we will provide you with a dedicated quality road bike with all necessary packages to ride for as much as you desire.

So what can you expect in the program?