Welcome to the future of a better cycling experience.

In this future, you do not want to constantly worry about keeping your bike duly checked and well-lubed. You probably have little space in your living premises to store the bike too. Furthermore, priorities in life can change in the future too, so you can't tell for sure if you would still be actively involved in the sport many months down the road. You may even realize, you do not want to own and be responsible for a bike anymore.

That is why we are launching the Cycling-as-a-Service program to get rid of all headaches: just get out of the sofa and start riding, but stop worrying about the problem associated with bike ownership. For as low as $100-$200 per month, we will provide you with a dedicated quality road bike to ride for as long as you require.

Watch this space as we start to launch the bikes for your booking!


Each bike comes with a comprehensive insurance policy covering all parties as well as loss or damage to the bike. You can concentrate on riding and looking good.
You can choose to always store the bike with us, check it out to ride then check it back in with us. Or you can choose to store with us as and when you need.
We want a long-term relationship with you, albeit a platonic one. So feel free to share your difficult questions in bikes and in life. We promise to make coffee.
Match made in heaven
We will size you up to match the correct frame-size, seatpost and stem length. We'd like to think of ourselves as the good old match-maker than Tinder.


Wear & tear
Gone are the hassle of sourcing for help in replacing tyres, inner tubes, bar-tapes and cables when they are worn out, we’ll take care of those before you ask.
Servicing & maintenance
Servicing and maintenance are carried out on a regular basis. You do not have to think about it, your phone will get a ding whenever it is due.
Clean & mean
We will give the bike a good wash-down every month so that it is all shiny and spotless. We are designing a laundry machine for humans too.
Pick-up & delivery
No problem if you got busy over the week, we can arrange for pick-up and delivery whenever it is due for some tender loving care.