Have you ever wanted to get a Brompton but not sure if your interest will outlast the value you have invested into the bike?

A brand new standard 6-speed Brompton may cost up to $24xx in Singapore dollars, that is a lot of moolah. The bike will also greatly depreciate once you sell it second-hand. It isn't the best experience dealing with low-ballers on Carousell :(

What can you do?

What if you could try out a Brompton for a few months before deciding to exercise your purchase, wouldn't that be ideal?

At CycleLogy, we are tailoring a program to help you do that - Brompton-as-a-Service.

Starting from $150 per month, you can subscribe to a 6-speed or 3-speed Brompton for a minimum period of 3 months. The fees will cover servicing and worn-out parts of the bike.

Commute to work or ride during leisure weekends, ride whenever you feel like it and integrate it into your lifestyle. At the end of the 3 months:

  • If you like the one that you have been riding, you can continue to subscribe to the same bike for another 9 months and you will have ownership to the bike.
  • If you feel that Brompton is not for you, you can end the subscription and return the bike anytime after 3 months and before the 12th month. You are done and no further payment is required.

Contact us to find out more or simply walk-in to enquire!