Bike Storage Service

Are you in one of the situation as below?

  • No place to store your bike at home?
  • Afraid that it might be damaged when you are out of the house?
  • Protest from your better half that your bike is taking up too much space?
  • Need access to bike maintenance service while the bike is not being ridden

Why not rent a storage space with us so that you will have less storage problem at home! Whenever you need to ride, simply check out and ride your bike away. Deposit your bike back with us whenever you are done. To sweeten the deal, the car park is free on weekends so you can park and ride for as long as you need!

Call or WhatsApp us at 90102730 to inquire further! We are a full-fledged bike shop so rest assured that your bikes will be well-taken care of. Road bikes, mountain bikes or folding bikes are welcomed!