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About Us

We believe every Singaporean deserves a quality bicycle to enjoy riding in our beautiful garden city. She has built-up roads, train networks, park connectors, not forgetting also the congestions, peak hours and our uniquely small flats and houses.

We therefore need bicycles that befit our lifestyle in the city. Folding bicycles that can be brought onto MRT trains to enrich our commuting options, mini velos that are nimble and perfect for those stop-go traffic junctions, as well as city cruisers and commuting bikes that are minimalist and perfect for short errands to the markets or schools just a few blocks away.

During the weekends or off-days, we have the same bikes to cycle at our favorite haunts with friends and families. We chill-out with our bikes before heading home to get ready for a brand new day of challenges awaiting us.

Drop by CycleLogy, let us know how you want to ride and we will show you the right fit. We provide technical knowledge, on-hand expertise and ready tools to support you on your new found hobby.

We hope you will find the journey to the healthy lifestyle a fulfilling and meaningful one.