Edoardo Bianchi started the Italian company in 1885 and it is one of the oldest bicycle factories still in business today. Bianchi is also internationally known for a particular color in its bikes - celeste, a pale turquoise.

Besides the many technology that is readily available in its pro-peloton road bikes, the revolutionary technology that sets Bianchi apart from all other brands and makes has to be Countervail.

Countervail effectively cancels out any road vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted from the road to the frame and to the rider. The absence of road vibrations reduces fatigue experienced by the rider, therefore enhancing performance and control during long distance rides.

Click on the video to understand how Countervail works. The technology was first developed for the Infinito CV.

Bianchi has the most comprehensive range of road bikes that is available for ordering: Light-weight bike optimized for climbing, aero-dynamic bikes designed to reduce drag, aggressive geometry bikes suitable for the seasoned riders looking for their best sprints, endurance bikes for beginner riders or those who just wants to enjoy the grand fondo, as well as ladies-specific geometry bikes, even time-trial bikes, cobblestone bikes and cyclo-cross etc etc.

If you can imagine it, Bianchi is certain to have it