March 31, 2017 2 min read

The La-Bici (Ler-Bee-Chee) folding bike will be your ticket to ride on the cycling-commuting revolution taking shape in Singapore. Why is that so?

    La-Bici has the most neat and compact folding, and at the most affordable price point starting at $799. You can even roll it along easily when it is folded. If you feel the need to upgrade components, CycleLogy will be there ready to advise you.

    CycleLogy is one of the most experienced bike shop specialising in folding bicycles. You wouldn't buy a jack-knife from someone who used to only sell cleavers, for example.

    Singapore is perfecting its cycling infrastructure for the mid-to-long term for a more sustainable environment. Such is the tide of times and therefore will not be reversed.

    Owning a bike (own a good one for 10-20 years, not buy-and-throw-away) ensures that you have access to it 24x7. You do not have to entertain the thought of whether the rental bike is in a ride-able condition or whether it can be found the moment you need it. You can grab your own bike and immediately ride instead of searching for rental bikes for xx minutes, in the event you have a few hours of spare time in between your appointments or for ad-hoc rides.

    Going green has never been more convenient by taking the bike for work or for leisure. In the event that the weather is bad, hop on the public transport any time of the day at no extra charges incurred. We have living examples of driving customers who left their cars at home every other weekend, and customers who commute daily purely by bikes only. A compact folding bike that commutes easily on trains is key to such a lifestyle.

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