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August 31, 2019 2 min read

The CRIUS folding bikes are one of the most popular bike brands you can find in Singapore. Why is that so?

Lightest Folding Bike In It's Class

CRIUS folding bikes are the lightest folding bike in the 20-inch folding bike category. The usual weight of folding bikes in this category can weigh between 12-14kg.

The CRIUS weighs only a mere 10kg, sometimes even lower if you opt for lightweight components. This is lighter than almost all other folding bikes, even the high-end ones that cost over a thousand dollars.

It is a breeze to handle and cycle with such a light folding bike, making your cycling trip a much more enjoyable experience.

Aluminium Frame That Does Not Rust

Don't you just dread it when you got busy and stopped riding for a month or 2, and then the bike frame got rusty when you want to ride it again?

Most low cost folding bike frames are made of low grade steel that are mass produced. They are easy to mold and produce, but can rust very easily.

On the other hand, although aluminium frames are slightly more expensive to manufacture, they are resistant to oxidation and will not rust.

It is always ready for you whole year round!

Just The Right Size

Folding bikes come in various wheel diameters, some are 16", 18", 20", 24" etc. To strike a balance, CRIUS has opted to produce both the CRIUS Master and CRIUS Velocity in the 20" wheel size category.

Over the years, most cyclists have feedback that 20" is the sweet spot for folding bikes. The wheel size is not too small so that the speed is not too slow. At the same time it folds sufficiently small to allow anyone to bring it onto public transport such as MRT and buses.

If you are mostly a leisure cyclist who does not want to end up always catching up with your cycling friends and family members, the CRIUS folding bike is the best bet for you.

Enduring Legacy

CRIUS folding bikes are manufactured in the same factory as Litepro, a popular brand for folding bike accessories. The brand has made a name for itself over the years with it's durable and light components. When the same factory started producing bicycles, it was an instant hit and the rest was history.

Click on the below links for more information on the 2 best selling models:

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