March 23, 2016

And finally we have come to our last installation of the comparison between ORi Bike M9 and Brompton. In this episode we will discuss the compactness as well as the riding experience of both folding bikes.

Refer to part 1 of 3 where we discuss the general outlook for both bikes.

Refer to part 2 of 3 where we dig further into the specifications of both bikes.

Folding Compactness

As we can see from the pictures below, the Brompton and ORi Bike M9 are among the very best in terms of compact folding.

Here we view it from the side to gauge the height and width (with the door at the back for the purpose of perspective).


And then we view it from the front to gauge the depth (again using the door for the purpose of perspective).

Since both are having 16" wheel-sets, it is not surprising that both of them have very compact folding, with Brompton edging out as the winner. Brompton's compact folding can be said to be impeccable, with ORi Bike M9 trailing closely behind. No other folding bikes in the current market can come as close as these 2.

Notice in the second picture above, the handle-bar of the ORi Bike M9 has a slight curve towards both ends. This is done to give the rider a better ergonomic feeling since our arms are slightly bent outwards when fully extended, rather than being parallel to each other, in the relaxed state. The same feeling is there when we use an ergonomic keyboard for typing after a long time. This design is very significant in terms of riding comfort during our test rides with ORi Bike M9.

Riding Experience

Riding experience is one of the most controversal topic and is very personal for each individual rider. It is possible to offer theoretical recommendations but it is strongly advise for customers to personally test ride the bike to gauge the feeling that it gives.

With the addition of the bike stem, ORi Bike M9 has an edge such that the steering is less nervous and the ride gives a feeling closer to riding a non-folding bike. When turning corners or when riding at high speed, the difference a bike stem makes is accentuated - you do not want the steering to be twitching unnecessarily even if you could be a seasoned rider. Refer to more information on the ORi Bike M9 bike stem here

With the folding hinge on the Brompton bike frame, it is theoretically argued that the bike would be less rigid when riding at high-speed. With the ORi Bike M9, there is less to worry about since there is no folding hinge on the main frame, so theoretically, at least, the frame is a strong and sturdy one.

ORi Bike M9 is typically made of aluminum and is slightly lighter to cart and push around than the Brompton, which is typically made of steel. During acceleration from halt, weight is an important factor in gaining speed. After the rider has reached cruising speed, however, the momentum can be sustained by less effort and therefore less affected by the gross weight of the bike. The performance of the bike components, whether they can transform the pedaling power into the forward motion efficiently, is also an important consideration to many. There is no easy way to measure "performance" and therefore it is vital that the rider could test-ride the bikes for themselves.

Continuing on the topic of the bike frame material, the steel of Brompton has an advantage in the sense that less vibration is transmitted from the harshness on the ground to the rider. For the case of ORi Bike M9, the 6061 series aluminum is utilized to also achieve the effect of transmitting less vibration to the rider, thus making it an enjoyable ride too. (For even better comfort, the rider can even opt for the ORi Bike CR3.0 that has a carbon bike frame, or even the ORi Bike AR20 that comes with carbon fork)

We have come to the end of the 3-part series to compare the Brompton and the ORi Bike M9. Do share your views at the comments section to let us know your thoughts.

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