September 21, 2015

Most of you who knew about the ORi Bikes would have noticed the "goose-neck" smacked right on top of the head tube. Some of you would even exclaim if there is any practical use of that part of the bike at all. Well, quite a lot actually!

Riders of folding bikes would be familiar with the fact that a typical folding bike does not come with a bike stem. This is so in order to minimize the size of the bike after folding - having a stem may significantly increase the bulk of the folding bike. The absence of the bike stem, unfortunately, also means that folding bikes are more "fidgety" in terms of steering and therefore the ride quality is less stable - the rider tends to over- and under-steer very quickly, giving rise to that "twitchy" response and therefore causes the rider to fall.

Former F1 team designer Jon Whyte quickly realized this and dared to confront the challenge. He decided that the stem was an integral part of the bike if the ride quality was not to be sacrificed. What he did then was unprecedented - by lowering the bike stem to be right above the head tube and also included a fold-able catch right into it!

The result was an amazingly compact design that allowed the handle bar to be folded down, close to the main frame, thus achieving compactness and yet maintained ride quality. This was a phenomenal achievement in terms of folding bike design which also complemented the aerodynamic/sporty design of the bike frame elegantly.

Come test ride the ORi Bikes at CycleLogy and you will not forget the tremendous enhancement of the steering quality compared to most other folding bikes.

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