March 21, 2014

Dangerous curves and great looks aside - what makes the Birdy bike a premium folding bike?

Hinge-free frame

The main frame of the Birdy has no folding joint. This increases overall power transfer from rider to bike during acceleration and less flex is produced by the bike during normal riding. This is a great advantage over most other folding bikes (even high-end ones), which have folding joints on the main frame.


The 2 folding joints of the entire bike has been cleverly fitted with suspension. Now that is true wisdom, to transform a materially weaker point of a bike into an advantage over the entire folding bike industry. The full suspension dramatically reduces the impact encountered on smaller-wheeled bikes, to present to the rider a smooth experience.

18-inch wheels

Do not be fooled by "smaller wheels" of folding bikes, though. Contrary to common beliefs, how fast a bike can travel depends not only on the wheel size but also on the gear ratio. Even entry level Birdy bikes have gear inches (a product of wheel size and gear ratio) of 85, which surpass most mountain bikes, and higher end Birdy bikes have gear inches of 112, which is comparable to road bikes.

Compact folding

In terms of folding compactness, Birdy bikes are 2nd only to Bromptons, which have 16-inch wheels. We think the Birdy has bigger shoes to fill!

Number of speeds

An entry Birdy (the Alivio) has 9 speeds and the Birdy Classic (newly launched in Singapore) has 8 speeds; All Birdy bikes have sufficient number of speeds to bring you through the terrains in Singapore. For touring purposes, you can also opt for the Touring Birdy with 24 speeds.

Sporty and versatile

One look at the Birdy and you could tell that it is a bike made to reflect the sporty side of the rider. The bike can also be fitted with most Shimano components to bring out the biker personality in you. For first time bikers with no initial preference, we recommend the Alivio, LX/XT or 105 that you can choose from.

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