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December 16, 2013 2 min read 1 Comment

Your kid can start young

Many balance bikes are designed for children from around 2 years old onward or even younger, in this way your child can start at a very young age where his/her pace of learning is the fastest. For normal kids bikes, your child needs to be of certain height for his/her feet to reach the floor. Normal kids bikes are also significantly heavier so your child may not have the strength to start pedaling at 2 years of age.


With the seat sufficiently lowered and the balance bike sufficiently light, your child will be able to keep his/her feet in contact with the floor and need not be afraid of losing balance. This gives him/her great confidence and makes the balance bike assuring for use. Before long he/she will be able to take big strides and lift his/her feet off the floor over longer and longer distances.

Bikes with training wheels give the kids a false sense of competency. The kid will then not allow you to remove the training wheels and this will severely impact their learning progress.


Stopping a balance bike couldn't be easier. Your child can put down his/her legs, or squeeze the hand-brakes as he/she grows older and goes fast. The saddle on a balance bike is set in a very low position, so even if your child were to feel that he/she is falling off a balance bike, it is often easy for him/her to stop their fall just by putting his/her feet down.


Balance bikes give your child independence as he/she is able to scoot around easily without the heavy training wheels that generate lots of friction with the floor. Your child can be surprisingly fast with the balance bike even if he/she is just striding along with his/her feet in the initial phases. He/she will love that feeling!

Developing Natural Balance

Balance bikes are fun to get around with, and the experience of riding a balance bike will help make the transition to a real bike very quick and easy. He/she will never need training wheels, since he/she has already acquired balancing skills naturally on the balance bike.

Developing Active Habits

Wouldn't it be a dream for your child to love healthy habits? Instead of begging your child to put down the iPad to get outside and play, he/she will be dying for you to take them on a ride. Kids love the freedom that bikes allow, which helps them develop into confident, independent, and healthy individuals.

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Mary  Butler
Mary Butler

July 29, 2016

Wow, it’s really nice to read your post. it’s really very helpful and informative. Every parent has to read this post. BTW thanks for sharing such this kind of post.

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