Why Choose CycleLogy?



Quality & variety

We have quality bikes of various genres and sizes. You will find the one that is most suitable for your requirement.


Try before you buy

We provide demo bikes for test rides. Take them for a spin on slopes or on flats, right at our backyard.


Quick turn-around

After payment has been made, the bike will be ready for collection within 30 mins. This is our promise to deliver.


Peace of mind

All our bikes come with 2-year warranty or more. We also allow 1-to-1 exchange for bikes with manufacturing defects.

The Love, a Lifetime.

Cycling makes us happy.

Most of us learned to cycle when we were kids, and whenever we cycle, it brings us back to the days when we were care-free and had less regards in the world. As we grow older, we get an education, we get a job, we meet that special someone, we get happy or unhappy. We go through this thing called life.

No matter how old we get, we would never want to part with that experience - the wind blowing past our ears and hair while whizzing through the streets and parks. Let our thoughts and problems sizzle through our minds as we ride, and we will come back stronger to meet whatever is awaiting us head-on.

It could be a trusted vintage/dutch/cruiser, the day-to-day commuter bike, a compact folding bike, or maybe just a simple mini velo.

Just get a bike, get cycling again. Choose any bike. Just ride.